Through BA International, we provide an extensive network of professionals and experts offering specialized services in: accounting & advisory, investment, legal & fiscal, consulting, market development information, as well as advice on applied technology and strategic process planning.


With access to the local expert teams, our affiliates are ready to assist and give immediate solutions to specific needs from where they are allowing your firm’s expansion locally and overseas.


We have built a trustworthy NETWORK with competitive rates; where the confidence, a crucial element to provide reliable services, serves to eliminate the uncertainty involved in dealing with intercultural, commercial, political, fiscal, and/or unknown legal systems differences.


When operations take place across borders, the business language must be the same when analyzing, processing and transmitting financial information within an international organization.


Businesses and firms around the world require high-quality and reliable financial information in order to effectively measure the results and their economic impact for growth. Our members understand this concept very well providing experienced assessment for their own firms and those of their clients.


The selected accounting services provided are: treasury, investment, taxes, billing, collections, logistics and HR payroll.  

Our members are professionals who provide advice in a particular domain or area of expertise in: commercial, accounting, legal, tax, technology, legislation, human resources, sales, logistics, finance, public relations, market development, etc. 


Due to our affiliates objectivity and experience, we facilitate procedures, identify struggles, negotiate solutions and promote changes constantly aiming at providing results to specific challenges in your organization.

The complexity and dynamism inherent in the growth of today’s economic globalization, comprised with the numerous treaties required, is in relentless change; hence the study for alternatives is crucial to optimize financial and fiscal resources.


Our members are committed to guide their clients throughout the labyrinth that local tax legislation may entail and determine the fiscal payments of each and every client, and thus propose solutions considering the tax rules that are applicable to the specific circumstances of each company.


The knowledge and expertise of our extensive legal network and legal advisors offers a significant advantage over our competitors. 


Our members work closely with their clients, identifying and solving specific challenges in order to provide a personalized legal guidance so that they can succeed in their businesses in any given market.   


Developing a particular market involves having the marketing and distribution strategies specific to that market, taking into account their culture, legislation and infrastructure in order to succeed. Entrusting this allows an efficient and profitable execution in order to conquer the specific goals and needs.


Our Network comprises local specialists in marketing & sales, distribution and logistics who ensure an efficient and profitable promotion, commercialization and distribution of products and services in their countries of origin.

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