SoftLanding is the controlled launch & introduction of a business into a new market.

A strategic SoftLanding is powered by the knowledge and experience of industry experts.


What are the Advantages of doing SoftLanding?


As we explain it: "It's hitting the floor running"

BA Network introduces this program for companies that want to expand into a new market without investing all your resources at a first go.

Your organization doesn't need to divert attention from its core business and operations, we take care of your SoftLanding every step of the way.


Companies looking to launch into a new country have a lot to consider, as entering a new country, a new market, is a great investment that if done wrong and without the proper guidance can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Entering into new markets doesn't need to be complicated and/or risky, addressing it with the support of experts in the subject, channeling the right contacts and official processes will guarantee success making the whole process easier.


Through SoftLanding, companies can take calculated risks by launching their business with a qualified partner around the world.

With BA Network and partners we offer you the best support to making it possible to Land, test the market, position your brand and enable operations as your subsidiary grows. ​

To get yourself started, click on this useful link to know your "SoftLanding Diagnose"
BA International SoftLanding Diagnostic Questionnaire


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