Creating business opportunities 
at Home and Abroad

BA Network is an extensive global NETWORK of firms that, through its members and affiliates, offer specialized services in: accounting & advisory, investment, legal & fiscal, consulting, market development information, as well as advice on applied technology and strategic process planning.


The knowledge and experience of the carefully selected members within the professional, commercial and international scope, allows offering the best quality of specialized services in local and foreign markets. 

What is it for you? BA Network promotes its members by creating a connection with each other to boost business opportunities and services through local and international partners in the main areas of global economic influence, thus generating the possibility of expanding its business portfolio, giving access to practically unreachable clients, that don't have presence or have a local partner. 


Through the members, a trustworthy NETWORK is built; where trust, a crucial element to provide reliable services, serves to eliminate the uncertainty involved in dealing with intercultural, political, tax, and/or unknown legal systems worldwide.

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