This document establish the Terms and Conditions, as well as the contractual basis, on which BAINT LLC operates its global business referral NETWORK by the trade name BA Network. Therefore, by affiliating, becoming a member, making a payment and/or the annuity renewal, use the contact referral network by any means, be linked and/or liaison, or use any BAINT LLC service, you acknowledge and agree this Terms and Conditions will apply.

Please read carefully this Terms and Conditions before becoming a “Member” and/or use the global business referral NETWORK operated by BAINT LLC, either in the electronic platform www.baint.us, by email, in person or other. By this you are aware and express the consent to be bound by this Terms and Conditions, consequently if you do not agree with this Terms and Conditions you must not join the NETWORK, become a “Member”, make payments and/or the annuity renewal, nor use the BAINT LLC referral network of contacts, businesses, link and liaison services, or other.

This Terms and Conditions may be modified. It is your responsibility to read them periodically, since the applicable Terms and Conditions will be those that are current at the time the service, operation or transaction is done. 


BAINT LLC operates a global business referral network, located at 5850 San Felipe Street Suite 500, Houston, TX 77057, by the trade name BA Network. If any explanation of this Terms and Conditions is needed you may contact us in the phone number +1 832 330 4048 or by email info@baint.us 


Your personal data will only be used for the purposes described in this document, so you state all the information and personal data granted are truthful and reals​


By becoming a member of BA Network, affiliating, make payments and/or the annuity renewal, use by any means the network of contacts, businesses and/or any BAINT LLC service, you undertake the following:

I. You accept and recognize the following expressions have the following meanings:

A. “Services” refers to the operation of the global business referral NETWORK, its database, the belonging seal, as well as the link, liaison and referral services among the “Members” of BA Network, in order to strengthen and expand their businesses, as members of the global firms NETWORK regarding accounting, legal and tax consultancy, as well as counseling and relevant information for markets development, applied technology and strategic process planning.

B. “Affiliation” refers to the event in which a firm contacts BAINT LLC to become a member of BA Network global business referral NETWORK, seeking to expand and strengthen its business. Once the affiliation process has a positive result, and the affiliation fee and the administration and maintenance fees are paid, the firm becomes a “Member” of BA Network.

C. “Member” refers to the firm that is part of the BA Network global business referral NETWORK. And therefore, is included in the “Member”’s database, may use the belonging seal and it´s immediately subject to be linked, and/or referred by BAINT LLC for the growth of its business.

D. “User” refers to those firms that aren’t a “Member” of the BA Network global business NETWORK, but require that BAINT LLC refer, recommend or make the link with a “Member” firm in order to execute an “Operation”. In this case, the “User” will only be charged the finder´s fee.

E. “Affiliation Fee” refers to the affiliation -unique payment- of a “Member” to BAINT LLC, in effects of a new affiliation to the International Network, in order to maintain the status of “Member” after the affiliation.

F. “Annual Administration and Maintenance Fee” refers to the annual payment of a “Member” to BAINT LLC for the purposes of administration, maintenance, advertising, marketing and exposure of data on the platform and infrastructure of the international network, as well as on the website www.baint.us

G. “Operation” refers to the business and/or business relationship established due to the “Service” provided by BAINT LLC in the global business referral NETWORK BA Network.

H. “Finder´s fee” refers to the payment of a “Member” and/or a “User” to BAINT LLC because of the execution of an “Operation” due to having found a needed firm in the Global Business referral NETWORK because of BAINT LLC “Services”.

I. “Referral fee” refers to the payment of a “Member” to BAINT LLC due to being referred for the execution of an “Operation” by BAINT LLC because of the “Services” of its global business referral NETWORK BA Network.

J. “Other services” refers to several events, conferences, courses, webinars, meetings, information, diverse business advice and/or any service provided by BAINT LLC different than those included in the “Services” description.

II. You accept and recognize that in order to act on behalf of a firm with the purpose of affiliating and/or use BAINT LLC´s “Services”, the person acting on behalf of the firm is at least 21 years old and in full exercise of the necessary legal capacity to represent the firm, because of the powers or position in it. When deemed necessary, BAINT LLC staff may request additional documentation.

III. You accept and recognize the firm you represent is an actual and existing firm, in compliance of its legal obligations and dedicated to a lawful purpose.

IV. You accept and recognize that the “Services” are for the exclusive use of the “Member” firm, consequently the membership, affiliation and other services may not be transferred, sold nor handed in any way, without prior written authorization of BAINT LLC.

V. Accept and recognize that only legally and valid affiliations and/or payments will be made, affiliations and false or fraudulent payments will not be made nor considered. If it´s reasonably to consider that any of the preceding scenarios has been made, BAINT LLC is authorized to cancel and inform the competent authorities.

VI. You accept and recognize that if the necessary, truthful, and exact information required is not provided, the affiliation and/or annuity renewal and/or use of the “Services” will not be possible


When a firm has the intention to become a “Member” of the BA Network Global Business Referral NETWORK, it will contact BAINT LLC staff, whether by the platform, email, telephone and/or in person. This will start the affiliation process, in which BAINT LLC staff may request information and/or documentation, as well as the references deemed necessary, in order to determine the positive or negative result of the affiliation process, such as other BA Network “Member” recommendation, commercial references or others of similar nature that are considered pertinent for the affiliation process. BAINT LLC reserves the exclusive right, under its sole discretion, to accept or deny the affiliation and/or renewal of a membership firm to the BA Network Global NETWORK.

Once the affiliation process is positively completed, BAINT LLC staff will inform the mechanism to make the single affiliation payment and, afterwards, the mechanism to make the annuity payment. The first affiliation year only will be charged the proportional annuity fee in accordance to the remaining months of the current year.

Once the indicated payments have been done, the firm becomes a “Member” and will be subject to the “Member’s obligations established in point 8, as well as to the fees rules and additional rules established in this Terms and Conditions.

The “Member” firm will be available in the database operated by BAINT LLC and will be taken into consideration for the generation of liaisons and business links by BAINT LLC. Also, the “Member” firm will be able to access the database operated by BAINT LLC in order to access the Global referral NETWORK of business members and strengthen its commercial activity.


METHOD 6.1 Affiliation fee. The affiliation fee will be paid in a unique occasion to BAINT LLC the first time a firm acquires the “Member” status. The affiliation fee is $750.00 US dollars. In the first year the affiliation fee will be paid together with the administration and maintenance fee (US $ 1,500). This only applies for those new members who join after the 31st of January 2023.

6.2 Annuity fee – Administration & Maintenance. The annuity fee will be paid each January, in the proportion regarding the remaining months of the current year. The annuity fee is $750.00 US dollars.

6.3 Finder´s Fee. When a “Member” and/or a “User” is linked to another firm and/or business, in order to arrange an “Operation”, due to the “Services” or “Other Services”, and the “Operation” is executed, the “Member” and/or the “User” will pay BAINT LLC a finder´s fee. The finder´s fee base rate is 10% of the “Operation” amount executed by the “Member” and/or “User”. However, the “Member” and / or “User” may negotiate a different finder´s fee with BAINT LLC, regarding the specific case, the usual practices of the home country and commercial activity.

6.4 Referral fee. When a “Member” is referred by BAINT LLC to a firm for an “Operation” and it´s executed, the referred “Member” will pay BAINT LLC a referral fee. The referral fee base rate is 10% of the “Operation” amount executed in favor of the “Member” as consequence of the referral. However, the “Member” may negotiate a different referral fee with BAINT LLC, regarding the specific case, the usual practices of the home country and commercial activity.

6.5 Rates for “Other Services”. BAINT LLC will establish fees and/or additional fares for “Other Services”, such as events, conferences, courses, webinars, meetings, information, diverse business advice and/or any other service provided by BAINT LLC different than the “Services”


The “Member”, since its “Affiliation”, shall comply with at least the following obligations:

A. Provide the information requested by BAINT LLC in order to be added into the database, including, but not limited to: (i) firm basic information, (ii) two contact firm persons, (iii) description of the firm services and commercial interests, (iv) firm commercial image, (vi) active online website, and (vii) contact phone number.

B. Keep BAINT LLC informed and updated on the current information of the firm.

C. Allow BAINT LLC the use and dissemination of the information provided. This, by the means BAINT LLC considers in order to expand the business and commercial network of the “Member”.

D. Have an efficient and quick response capacity, as well as collaboration spirit, in case BAINT LLC staff contact the “Member” in order to make a link that may lead to the execution of an “Operation”. It will remain at the “Member” discretion and decision to execute or not an “Operation” as well as its terms.

E. Maintain the firm website, emails and phone numbers updated and in proper function.

F. Use the BA Network belonging seal in its communication and dissemination material, which indicates the firm is a “Member” of such Global NETWORK. The use of the belonging seal will be provided by BAINT LLC staff after the annuity and affiliation payments are made, and the “Member” must, at least, use it on its website.

G. In case a “Member” is contacted and/or holds an “Operation” derived from the links, belonging seal, events, Global Business referral NETWORK, “Services” or “Other Services” of BAINT LLC, the “Member” shall give immediate notice to BAINT LLC staff, preferably during the negotiations and prior the execution of the “Operation”. In this case, the “Member” will pay the applicable fees established in point 6.

H. In case an “Operation” is executed BAINT LLC, regarding the type and scope of the operation, may request the “Member” to sign diverse documents in order to formalize the finder´s and referral fees agreement, settled by the parties for the specific transaction.

I. BA Network operated by BAINT LLC is a network of firms with the purpose of business generation, linking business and expansion of first class business relationships, therefore the “Members” have to maintain the proper attention, professionalism and provide their services under the best global quality standards.

J. In case a “Member” status is cancelled, in accordance with the following point, the “Member” shall immediately cease on the use of the BA Network belonging seal, and will stop announcing as part of such Global Business referral NETWORK.


In the following scenarios the “Member” status will be cancelled:

i. In case the cancellation it´s requested by the “Member” by writing with two months in advance with BAINT LLC staff acknowledgment of receipt. (no reimbursements apply)

ii. In case a “Member” fails to make any of the payments established in point 6. of this Terms and Conditions. A payment will be deemed as omitted when two months have elapsed since the event or “Operation” which gave rise to the payment obligation.

iii. In the event a “Member” fails to comply any of its obligations under section 8. of this Terms and Conditions.

In case a “Member” status is cancelled, BAINT LLC will communicate the decision by email explaining the reasons of such cancellation. A period of 5 to 30 working days applies.

BAINT LLC reserves the right to cancel a “Member” status for different reasons than those described above. This, if it´s appropriate to maintain the best operation of the Global Business NETWORK under the highest operational and quality standards.


 The “Member” and/or the “User” recognize and acknowledge that the negotiations and consequent “Operation” executed due to the direct link made by BAINT LLC, and/or due to belonging BA Network, as well as because of the “Services” and “Other Services” of BAINT LLC, are undertaken by its strict responsibility. Therefore, the “Member” and/or the “User” discharge and release BAINT LLC from any liability and/or responsibility of the success, difficulties and/or failure of the negotiations and/or consequent “Operation”, its execution and commercial relationship derived from it. Thereby, BAINT LLC may not, under any circumstance, be held responsible in any way, directly or indirectly, for loss and/or damages of the “Member”, the “User” and/or third parties, that could derive from the “Operation” and/or the business relationship. This is so because BAINT LLC´s involvement is only as the operator of the Global Business NETWORK, and the link and contact link between firms, so they´re able to freely make independent business decisions of its choice, under their own responsibility, management, outcome and direction, without implying any recommendation and/or endorsement of a firm, company, business, nor the quality or results of the services or businesses executed by the firms.


BAINT LLC will treat as confidential the documentation and information provided by the “Member” and/or the “User”, either verbally and/or by writing, regarding any need and/or specific commercial intention, for which the BA International “Services” are required. BAINT LLC may use the information and/or documentation provided by the “Member” and/or “User” that is deemed necessary, under its own discretion and decision, in order to generate the best possible business links, and may not be considered reliable for this under any circumstance. 


The images, trade names, brands, such as any intellectual property rights related to the “Services” and “Other Services” of BA Network Global Business NETWORK, are of the exclusive BAINT LLC property, any use, total or partial, is absolutely restricted, unless previously authorized by writing. Therefore, any claim, damage or judgment that derives from an unauthorized use of the intellectual property will be the sole responsibility of the person who executes it, whom will take out, free, in peace and respond to BAINT LLC and before third parties of any damage or cost derived from such misuse of intellectual property.

The “Member” and the “User” authorize BAINT LLC the use of their name, trademark, commercial image, among others, that show the quality and benefits of the Global Business referral NETWORK. This, in media coverage and advertising operated and/or hired by BAINT LLC for the purposes established in this Terms and Conditions.

BAINT LLC exclusively reserves the ownership of all the rights, title and interests of all the intellectual property rights regarding the operability, appearance, mechanism of the Global Business referral NETWORK and www.baint.us, and no person has the right to copy, link to, promote, sell, or other type of use thereof, without prior BAINT LLC written authorization. Any type of misuse or any type of conduct or behaviour previously mentioned will constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright and industrial property rights, as well as the right of database.


In case any authority determines any of the stipulations contained in this Terms and Conditions is not to be valid or applicable, in whole or in part, the validity of the rest of the stipulations will not be affected. 


Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can send such comments and suggestions to the email info@baint.us