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Corporate and business lawyer for over 20 years, he has served as an advisor to both domestic and foreign companies, establishing and running their legal departments from within their Mexican subsidiaries. 

Along with his years of expertise, he has served as the legal director for Terra Networks Mexico, the contract director for Bimbo Corporation, and as part of the legal team at Merck, Sharp & Dohme.

He currently offers legal advice to BA Network members and partner companies, including Grupo Telefonica, Buckman Lab and other high profile enterprises.

In addition, he is in charge of overseeing and counseling international businesses looking to open offices in Mexico, assisting them in doing so in the most efficient legal manner, while staying in touch and working together with other law firms in the network.


  • Law Degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.
  • Master on International Relations from Universidad Autonoma, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Corporate, Business, Contracts and Labor Law Specialization from ITAM and Universidad Iberoamericanda at Mexico City.