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Over twenty years of international business experience, with a focus on the identification and origination of business opportunities in Mexico, USA, and Latin America. Has established alliances with key players in the region to support the development of business initiatives.

Corporate Banking Vice President for BBVA USA, Partner with BDO in Mexico and Managing Director for BDO USA, working in a variety of areas – business services & outsourcing, corporate finance, transaction advisory, valuation, government, infrastructure consulting and other business services.

Partner at Labarthe Consulting Group who helped BDO Mexico integrate a client base. Prior to that, he served as the head of IBC Investments, wealth advisor for Merrill Lynch, and a financial analyst for Momentum Motorcars, where his work was mostly centered on acquiring automobile dealerships in the Houston area. He worked as Financial Analyst and Investor Relations Manager for Grupo Salinas, EY and GBM. Partner at Onix Finance, a financial services company based in Houston. As an advisor and investment banker, he has been involved in transactions from 10 to 200 million dollars in value.


  • M.B.A. from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management.
  • B.B.A and Accounting from the Universidad Anahuac del Sur.